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Our New Neighborhood

Slowly but surely we are settling into our new building.
Some initial thoughts…
I now (obviously) take a different route to the office. The majority of my drive formerly would be along a high-speed expressway, now my trip is nearly entirely through residential neighborhoods. Encountering more stoplights (which always seem to be red) has given me more time to observe our city. I’ve noticed a new phenomenon; people riding their bikes going against traffic. While this is standard practice for the running community traditionally it’s not for cyclist. On a different note; what the heck is the story with the legions of pigeons and seagulls that populate the far corner of the parking lot of Hannaford Supermarket on Mohawk Street? I’m not sure what creates this perpetual reunion as food seems scarce there.
Our new street is much busier than that of our former home. A total different experience moving from a third floor office (with no window) to a first floor office watching the flow of humanity. If you ever want to appreciate the diversity of Utica simply look at the kids waiting at the bus stop or the people walking by. A boy from the Karen community gliding along on his skateboard, a Somali girl in a long flowing dress intently tapping away at her smartphone. A mother with a headscarf walking with her children towards (I assume) school. An elderly gentleman shuffling towards (I assume) the local bodega, or perhaps food pantry, returning back clutching a plastic bag.
We certainly have some folks who have powerful sound systems in their vehicles that love to share their music with people in their zip code.
The DOT arterial project adds to the cacophony of noise as dump trucks and heavy equipment rumble by. That’s noise I enjoy- the noise of progress!
While we are near the finish line; we are looking forward to starting something special into this neighborhood we now call home.

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