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Comets for a Cause

The meteoric rise of the Utica Comets (space pun intended) has done far more than renew a sense of community pride. The return of the AHL, after an 11 year absence has spurred economic vitality, a massive Auditorium upgrade and, perhaps less known, incredible charitable support.
The Save of the Day Foundation, created by Comets President Rob Esche, has funneled more than a million dollars towards youth needs.
In fact this quote from the Save of the Day website highlights what Rob feels is ‘mission critical’.
‘Promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle for local youth is among our most important attributes.’
It is our belief that every child, regardless of economic condition, deserves the opportunity to have a healthy life. This belief is built into the DNA of the Boilermaker. From the Youth Olympics and Kid’s Run during Boilermaker Week to the Boolermaker Halloween Run, we celebrate what kids can do!
So President Esche, ever the competitor, has issued a challenge to the local not-for-profit community; get a minimum cumulative total of 250 people to a Wednesday night game and you can be in the running for a $10,000 grant from Save of the Day.
The Boilermaker’s office move to west Utica is more than being closer to the Finish Line. It is a commitment to a neighborhood in need. These funds would jumpstart the ability for us start to become the change agent this area yearns for.
So how do you help us skate (or run) to the cash?
There are two Wednesday games left; November 19th and November 26th. Come to one, or better, both and please bring lots of friends!
People need to sign up via Ticketmaster http://www.ticketmaster.com/Utica-Comets-tickets/artist/1909732 and type BOILER in the offer code.
BTW you end up with a slightly discounted ticket ($12) – love it when everyone wins!
If this race has taught me anything about this community is that it is inhabited by countless angels in human form.
I’m hoping we can get 250 angels to fly to the Aud!

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