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The Hazards of the Holidays

The hazards I speak of aren’t the ones like a Christmas tree falling on you which has happened to me. Or as a child touching the metal part of an electric socket as you plug in the tree lights; again guilty as charged (electrically as well).
No, the dangers of that I speak of are the catastrophic calories.
We have entered the official perfect storm of weight gain. Too many parties, too much food, too much snow which can lead to too little exercise.
Even the Sun works against us as we go to work, its dark we leave work and it’s guess what –it’s dark!
We are offering every opportunity to go down the trail of bad health. While we all love Santa we certainly don’t want to look like him!
I am not educated as a professional personal trainer. Nor do I have Dr. written in front of my name. I’m just a guy who has been around awhile and is involved in the sport of running. So take my comments with as many gains of salt as you like (but watch your sodium levels).
Let’s keep it simple.
Think of your body as an engine with a gas tank (your stomach). Put lousy gas (unhealthy food) into the tank and the engine doesn’t run well. Keep filling the tank with gas while not running the engine and the tank keeps getting bigger and bigger.
An easy equation; the amount of time involved in an activity multiplied by exertion equals calories burned.
Try and strike a healthy balance between the amount of time you exercise and the level of that exercise.
Please, please, use good common sense! Remember it took you a bit of time to get in the shape you are in; likewise to be the person you want to be.
What gets measured gets better!
Start by writing down what you ate/ exercised being as specific as possible.
This will do many things:
You will tangibly see what you have consumed in a given day; you might be surprised.
It will act as a small blinking red light to eat stuff you know isn’t good for you. If you know you have to write it down (which demands honesty) perhaps you won’t open that bag of chips or the refrigerator. BTW, eating directly out of the refrigerator is usually never a good idea!
Buy a pedometer that measures steps or one of the latest activity bands. Have an internal contest with yourself to top the previous daily/ weekly activity.
Easy exercise
For some getting to the gym can be a problem.
Think about ways to burn calories in everyday life.
While the shortest distance between two points is a straight line that might not be the healthiest. Try walking to class or to a meeting along a different, longer route; mix in stairs if possible. Obviously build in time so you aren’t late!
Do you really need to park at the closest spot next to work or the store?
Get up from behind that computer every 45 minutes or so and move around; it’s better for both brain and body.

Final thoughts
Always remember a healthy lifestyle, or healthier than where you are, is a continual journey not a destination.
Sometimes it’s nice to make the trip with someone else; everyone can use a good support system.
This is the season of hope; let’s hope our bath scale doesn’t become the Grinch that stole Christmas!

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