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Kilometers of Kindness

There is so much the Boilermaker should be proud of.
Inspiring people to conquer goals they thought they could never achieve (physical health).
Generating literally millions of dollars that gets pumped into the local economy (economic health).
In a way the Boilermaker Charity Bib Program does a bit of each.
This year marks the third year of the program: in two years we have raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for charity.
Last year thirty one participants raised over a thousand dollars.
What is priceless are the stories of the runners who laced up to do the right thing.
What’s the same as last year?
Charities chosen most have a presence in our community. This area built the Boilermaker, we can do no less than give back.
A runner must commit to raising a minimum of $500 for one of the charities of choice. Folks can participate in the 15k, 5k or 3 Mile Walk. A reminder, the Charity Bibs are over and above the standard race caps (14,000 runners for the 15k and 4,500 for the 5k): Charity Bibs are not ‘stolen’ from the general field.
Similar to last year we will be offering charity bib signups two weeks prior to the opening of preferred registration.
So you if you really, really want to be guaranteed getting into the race here is your chance.
We will be announcing the charities at the end of February via the media and of course on boilermaker.com.
Charity Bib registration opens on March 3rd. This gives our charity bib folks literally months to hit their number.
So what’s new this year?
We have raised the amount of Charity Bibs from 200 to 250.
We have limited the amount of bibs an organization can receive so hopefully we give more charities the opportunity to participate.
Perhaps the biggest change this year is partnering with CrowdRise.
So what is CrowdRise Tim?
Glad you asked Tim!
CrowdRise is simply the biggest fundraising platform in the sporting space. Marathons such as Boston, New York, Chicago and LA all utilize CrowdRise.
The most exciting change is for a Boilermaker runner who is not a Charity Bib runner to join a charity team. We are hoping these ‘unaffiliated runners’ decide to raise funds for one of these worthy organizations.
Think about if: two hundred of these runners raise a $100 for a charity simply because it’s the right thing to do and a quick $20,000 flows to our local charities of choice.
We are going to inject a bit of fun into the charity campaign this year offering prizes to inspire and motivate. The individual charity runners will find CrowdRise a fantastic ‘big megaphone’ to hit (and hopefully surpass) their fundraising goals.
This simple quote says it all about those I dub ‘The Champions of Charity Bib’. Those folks who run the roads in honor, memory or to help someone they don’t even know.
“I run because I can.
When I get tired, I remember those who can’t run, what they’d give to have this simple gift I take for granted, and I run harder for them.
I know they would do the same for me.”

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