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Miracle Miles

No I’m not talking about Vernon Downs, I’m talking about the Boilermaker Charity Bib Program.
On March 3rd we open registration for the 3rd annual Boilermaker Charity Bib Program on boilermaker.com.
While there is much I am proud of concerning the Boilermaker, the Charity Bib holds a really special place in my heart. I am the #1 cheerleader of these folks as they run alone, yet together.
If the core role of the Boilermaker is to change people’s lives (and I think it is) then a program like this is simply a natural extension.
So much new this year…
More bibs (60 bibs over last year) and more charities (21 vs. 11 in 2014). Charity bibs are over and above the official race caps.
BTW, the most charities and requests for bibs making the judging committee’s job this year very, very tough.
We have a new fundraising platform, CrowdRise, to support the effort. In the running space they are simply the company of choice, just ask the Boston, New York and Chicago Marathons.
This year we now can have Boilermaker runners who aren’t charity runners become a part of an organizations fundraising team. Imagine if we could get 5% of our regular runners energized to support one of these causes- that’s 925 people! In fact I think it will be critical to enlist the support of these folks who would be willing to fundraise for no other reason that it’s the right thing to do. Which leads to the next new thing- setting an overall fundraising goal.
The past two years we have never set a goal; we just sort of declared victory and celebrated success. I’m a big believer having challenging goals. Without them it’s like running a race and there’s no finish line, or simply residing, inertly, in our comfort zone.
So drum roll please, and the goal is(gulp) – $250,000. We hit this number and the Boilermaker will have generated a half a million dollars for local not for profits since the inception of the program.
We will be having some pretty cool prizes for our top affiliated runners (charity bib folks) and unaffiliated runners (people are regular Boilermaker runners who join a charity team).
Finally, what I guarantee will be a series of inspiring stories from runners lacing up their running shoes for the right reason. Over the past two years I have had tears in my eyes a number of times reading the stories of folks feeling honored to raise money for a specific charity.
I will, with permission, share them with you.
Hey, running is great for your personal health – running to help someone that you probably will never know is (in my opinion) pretty good for the health of the soul.
Become a miracle worker…

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