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Breaking up is hard to do

Last week the Boilermaker lost a sponsor and I’m not quite sure why.
The email from them was short (I would not use the word sweet) and to the point.
Perhaps their business is down, a change in focus, or simply sponsorship wasn’t delivering what they expected.
While it wasn’t one of our larger sponsors there’s generated a bit of personal rejection.
The Boilermaker has been blessed with sponsors that in general have been around a long, long time. Many have been with us for over twenty years.
They are clearly a diverse group of folks ranging from “Tim, this is the greatest community event, we’re glad to be a part of it: here’s the check” to “Tim, here’s the check and this is what we expect for this support.”
No problem with either response.
Sponsor relations are just that: we hopefully create a relationship with those folks who write the checks that help underwrite the race. I’ve had the opportunity to develop some wonderful friendships with a number of these folks who support the race with both cash and in-kind services.
A big time public service announcement to runners: no national race takes place without sponsor support!!
Usually these are a company’s marketing dollars that are funding sponsorship of events.
The marathon run in New York City is called the TCS New York City Marathon for a reason. In fact most of the major races in the U.S. have a title or presenting sponsors name prominently displayed.
When you don’t support the folks that underwrite the race, they may move on.
When sponsors move on, registration fees go up. So when you make a buying decision think about these folks. All things being equal their support of the race (and indirectly of you) means something. Check out the sponsor page or take note of the banners you see on Boilermaker Sunday.
So getting back to the lost sponsor: no doubt I dropped the ball. One of the items that is my responsibility is the care and feeding of sponsors. While I try to under promise and over deliver sometimes things just don’t work out.
I suppose it’s a reminder to me the importance of never taking anything (or anyone) for granted!

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