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Registration Review Part 1

Saturday March 14th was a notable day in Utica beyond the St. Patrick’s Day Parade which, thank the leprechauns, ended up being relatively rain-free: it was also the first day of registration for the 2015 Boilermaker Road Race.
But let’s back up a bit…
Looking at the ‘demand curve’ over the previous years we knew we were going to be interesting territory in 2015.
A look back in time of sold out registrations.
2012: 72 days
2013: 3 days
2014: 2 and 1/2 hours
It seemed clear that the days of ‘first come first served’ had pretty much reached its end, so the question was what was the alternative?
Most of the major races who found themselves in the same boat as us resorted to a lottery-based system. Initial feedback from our participants was nearly universal ‘we really hate that idea’. The primary reason was people who had many years running the race would now find themselves thrown in the ocean with countless others and, hopefully, get chosen to run this year’s race. We heard them…
The solution was to set a baseline of everyone that ran last year’s race; that would take care of people who had Boilermaker streaks going.
What was an unintended benefit to this was we could, at least for this group because they were so clearly defined let the registration time be expanded.
We settled on a week to let them sign up.
Well at noon on the 14th there were over 2,500 people queued up at boilermaker.com ready to sign up.
My, we are such creatures of habit!
Within the ten minutes 1,800 had registered, 3,300 after the first half hour. By the end of the day we had nearly 7,000 folks signed up for the 15k and 5k Races.
Sunday saw an additional 1,000 join the ranks.
We saw a huge rise in the use of mobile phones/ tablets as the preferred method to register.
For the first time mobile devices outnumbered desktops units 52-48%: will be interesting to see if that trend holds over the course of registration.
Crazy times are coming-on Saturday March 22nd at noon when we fill out the remainder of the field with open registration.
I think this will be a rather short day.

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