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Father’s Day

Hey Dad- Happy Father’s Day!
I can’t believe it’s been nearly 24 years since you passed on.
Two of the kids you held as babies are in the world of work and the one you never saw celebrates his 21st birthday at the end of the month.
Dad- thank you for all the opportunities you gave me in life. The chance to work at Utica Radiator, now called ECR International (named after your Dad).
What a risk you took when in 1956 you moved us to Utica to try and save a floundering company that had lost a million dollars the previous year!
But then you always had nerves of steel. You were the guy who went to the dentist and had cavities filled with no Novocain.
I can count on one hand the times I saw you cry, two of them I remember vividly: when I left the house for the Army (tears of sadness) and when I graduated from Hamilton College, your alma mater (tears of joy).
Thank you for instilling in your children the obligation of service to the community: I know all four of us have at least tried to make the places we call home better.
And thank you for listening to Earle in 1978 about funding a road race called the Boilermaker to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. I know that $750 was a lot of money to shell out in July for a company that sells heating equipment: traditionally at that time of year the income statement was dominated by red numbers.
I often wonder what was going through your head when EC asked for the money. Again, like the move to Utica, you took a chance.
Well, you might be surprised how the Boilermaker has grown over the past 37 years!
Although you were never a runner (unless chasing one of your children after one of our transgressions) I think you would be very pleased with what this race has done to bring this community together for a common purpose.
In three short weeks runners from nearly every state of the nation and over a dozen foreign countries will be running the streets of Utica. Full hotels, full restaurants and full stores: certainly a nice economic boost for the area.
Without that initial check the dream of the Boilermaker would have remained just that- a wonderful dream.
And the community: while not the boomtown that you saw in the 60’s there is a wonderful positive vibe that’s been missing for a long, long time. I think the Boilermaker has been a small part of that.
Dad, I really miss you so much (and of course Mom): to you with all my love this Father’s Day!

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