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Being an English Major in college I have an affinity for words and their usage. They are immensely powerful-and can certainly stir emotion.
Think about two phases from the space program: ‘that’s one small step for a man’ (Neil Armstrong) to ‘throttle up’ (last recorded words from the shuttle Challenger.
But enough of outer space: let’s bring it back to earth and talk of Boilermaker verbiage.
I was never a big fan of the word ‘preferred runner’ that we used as a definition for the folks who ran last year and had first bids on registering for this year’s Boilermaker. By its implication it made it seem like they were better than others.
We took a few slings and arrows on social media over it.
Perhaps a better phrase would have been early bird runners or advanced registrants?
So I get to the words affiliated and unaffiliated: I want to use these words dealing with our charity bib program.
From the dictionary definition: affiliated- ‘being in close formal or informal association’.
Unaffiliated-‘not officially connected or associated with an organization.’
How totally uninspiring!
So an affiliated Boilermaker charity bib runner (nearly 250!) is someone who officially signed up to run for a specific charity. They raise at least a certain amount of money for one of our charity partners (21 of them); they get a bib to run the Boilermaker.
An unaffiliated runner is someone who signed up under traditional registration and decides to help out one of our charity bib partners. There is no enforced minimum: whatever they raise is simply a welcome gift.
Again, doesn’t really get your blood pumping…
So let’s change
‘I’m a affiliated or unaffiliated charity bib runner’ to ‘I’m running to make a difference in someone’s life’.
Perhaps it’s in memory of a family member felled by disease perhaps they are running for someone they don’t even know.
Imagine if just a small portion of our 18,500 folks decided to raise 50 or 100 bucks- the collective force would be incredible!
Check out the ‘Run for a Reason’ panel and take the first step down the avenue of altruism!
“If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”
Bob Hope

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