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Boilermaker Plus 7

Slowly but surely I am getting back in synch with the real world post-Boilermaker.
My sleep pattern, which becomes a total mess around 3 to 4 weeks prior to the race, is (finally) getting back to a normal state. It is both nice to see the Boilermaker come and somewhat nice to see it leave.
What a different a week makes! As I write this at 6:00 AM one week from Boilermaker Sunday the temperature is 65 with 94% humidity. Yesterday was simply oppressive: run the weather in those conditions and I fear the medical tent would have a ‘no vacancy’ sign hung up!
The relocation of our offices near the Finish Line offered an air conditioned sanctuary if needed to deal with the ‘walking wounded’: fortunately that need did not come to pass.
Boilermaker Weekend was simply the best three day streak of weather we have seen this year. The forecast leading up to the race showing great weather was spot on!
General thoughts on this year’s Boilermaker…
The Planet Fitness Health & Wellness Expo:
This year’s Expo featured the most vendors in the Expo’s history: a nice mix of runners gear, not for profits and sponsors. Charity Bib Partners got a chance to perhaps for the first time meet folks who were running for them. I really loved what our merchandise folks did to construct the Boilermaker Store in the MVCC fieldhouse.
One of the largest number of kid’s (1,735) for the Utica Nation Kid’s Run. Few bumps and bruises and the evolving to wristbands used to match child to proper parent/ guardian was a Godsend to law enforcement.
The move of collaborating the ‘Ask the Experts’ runners forum with the traditional pasta dinner on Saturday at the Expo clearly increased attendance.
Bank of America Youth Olympics:
This is an event that we support in conjunction with the City of Utica and I love it as it showcases the rich diversity of our community.
The Race:
For the first time in my affiliation with the race on the staff side (2008 was my first race as Boilermaker person) I felt they we were either on-task by day or in some occasions ahead of the game. That is a wonderful feeling!
Well we kept the flyover secret- thank you to those ‘in the know’ who kept their mouths shut!
If the Unified Command Center, which was born from the tragedy of the Boston Marathon Bombings, was good last year- this year it was great! In one room you had a collection of federal, state and local public safety all working together for a common purpose the health and security of our runners spectators and volunteers.
So certainly a fantastic Boilermaker. Saying that, during Boilermaker Week I always carried with me ‘the little book of better’ where I jotted down things we could do better.
I tend not to bother the volunteer Operational Directors until September- they have seen enough of my face and my emails!
Come September we are in full swing for Boilermaker 2016 planning- holy smokes we’re only 356 days away!

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