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Of Moss and Mushrooms

Of Moss and Mushrooms
‘I cannot command winds and weather.’
Horatio Nelson

‘Weather forecast for tonight: dark.’
George Carlin

This June was a classic Fall month: seven inches of rain/ lots of cloudy days and hearing the boiler firing up in the morning. Certainly feels more akin to eve of the Falling Leaves Race, which takes place at the middle of October, than the Boilermaker. It’s so depressing as I always think of the 4th of July weekend as the mid-point of the Summer. I wonder if farmers might have thought about planting rice instead of corn?
Well I guess air conditioning bills will be low!
Last year’s Boilermaker weather worries certainly have made me a serious monitor of the long term forecast, which is probably a bad thing because I think when we get 3 days out predictions get very, very sketchy. Saying that, my morning routine 10 days out from the race is to immediately go to the various sites that offer long term prognostications. They can vary greatly and I tend to like the ones best that predict good weather!
We have, as best as possible, ‘weather-proofed’ the Boilermaker, moving the Expo to an indoor venue certainly gave us a level of protection. Where we are at the mercy of the elements are the Volunteer Party on Friday, Kid’s Run/ 3 Mile Walk on Saturday and the Boilermaker 15&5k races on Sunday. Still trying to get that 9.3 mile roof in place.
I have no problem with rain on race day (except for the volunteers and spectators): I do have a few issues with lightning.
Hey, I was an English major and a glass is half full kind of guy (especially if the glass is filled with something I like). Also I’m a believer in averages, taking complex stuff and trying to simplify it for my mind.
Here is my weather theory- if we had a rainy June then we have used up a lot of the crappy days meaning we should have more good days for the remainder of the Summer.
I can just see a meteorologist reading this slapping their knee laughing hysterically at my meteorological philosophy.
A bit over a week to go till the big race. Looking at the long term forecast today (July 3rd) it looks like we are looking at chances of rain throughout Boilermaker Weekend.
Where the heck is that better weather website!

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  1. DanF says:

    Great news, the weather looks perfect now!!

  2. treed says:

    Certainly a bit better than what we had to deal with a year ago!
    All the best,

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