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Whatta Night!

Last night was the Boilermaker Charity Bib Program Finale, and as always was an inspirational affair.
It’s always a night of laughs and tears.
Besides this year’s Charity Bib Partners, many of our runners who raised in excess of $1,000 were in attendance.
We announced the 2015 campaign raised over $152,000 ($152,050 to be exact). In three years we have raised in excess of $400,000 for local not for profits.
Sometimes I feel like Tom Sawyer who tricks a group of kids into the joy of whitewashing a fence.
“No really this is really fun, you get a chance to ask people for money and then we’re going to have you run 9.3 miles on a challenging course in the middle of July: you are going to love it!”
Besides Some highlights of the night:
Listening to Jill (runner for Make A Wish) telling the story of her son Will, a ‘wish kid’ who was afflicted with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (currently cancer-free!) and why being a charity bib runner was meaningful for her.
Will was in attendance, clearly more interested in the cupcakes than listening to his story, just a normal 6 year old kid!
She, and he, got a standing ovation.
Then I was talking with one of the runners who also works for one of the agencies that received funds this year. I’m not revealing her name or agency because I fear she will be embarrassed.
The general synopsis of her conversation with me went like this:
‘I was in no way a runner but was foolish enough to post on social media that I was going to do it so I guess I was stuck. When I say I’m not a runner I’ve lived in this community for 20 years and I wasn’t even sure where the Boilermaker route went through!
Well I committed myself to the process, joined a running group in the Spring and I was on my way.
A few weeks prior to the Boilermaker my husband asked me ‘how far did you run today?’
I responded ‘I just did a short 5k. ‘
I caught myself, just a short 5k: just a few months earlier those words would never have passed my lips!
Well Boilermaker Sunday comes, I’m so clueless on when to get there, how to get there: social media comes to the rescue and a friend offers a ride to the start line.
Was the Boilermaker a great experience for me- absolutely!
More importantly it has realigned my focus regarding a healthy lifestyle.
I am now training for my first half-marathon-Tim, this has changed my life!’
Wow- helping people and changing lives….
Give me another bucket of whitewash!

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