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Whatta Week!

October tends to be a bit of a busy week with planning and running of the Boolermaker Kid’s Run occurring the Saturday prior to Halloween (October 24th).
Add on the OktoberFarmFest that we helped arrange and took place behind our building on Thursday, October 22nd, and I was clearly dizzier than normal!
The good news- the farmers market finally happened! The crowd was a mix of neighborhood and non-neighborhood folks. Good media support and the Mayor showed up and took a turn on the healthy smoothie bike (a stationary bike that propelled via pedal power a blender mounted on the back.
The bad news- certainly cold and breezy, and the frost that occurred the previous weekend resulted in damaged ground crops and a few less farmers than originally planned.
We clearly want this to be more than a ‘one and done’ event but for several reasons (including Saranac Thursday) we will most likely settle on a different day of the week.
Well if the weather was cold on for the OktoberFarmFest it was positively frigid for the Boolermaker!
A layer of frost on my car windshield greeted me as I started my car at 6:00AM to head to the Masonic Care Community. While the temperatures managed to climb into the 40’s by run time, a 11-13 mile per hour wind kicked up making it feel like it was 25 degrees. It was a real joy riding in the open 4-wheeler loading and unloading supplies-NOT!
Hey no worries about refrigerating the Chobani yogurt and McDonalds chocolate milk!
This was our 3rd running and, unfortunately, was our lowest field.
Probably a number of reasons including school sports activities as well as other Halloween-themed events taking place the same day (and that previously mentioned cold certainly didn’t help).
Or perhaps going with an on-line only registration dissuaded folks…
Saying that, the hundreds of little ghosts and goblins that came certainly had a frighteningly good time!
Lots of activities, healthy snacks and perhaps the biggest rabbit I have ever seen courtesy of the Utica Zoo.
The ‘scary selfie station’ was a big hit: check them out on the website.
By the early afternoon the kids had left, the Expo and reunion area broken down and gear packed up to return to the Boilermaker offices.
It was time for me to head home, change out of my ‘Where’s Waldo’ costume (hey, you need a sense of humor to do my job) and try to scare up a nap…

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