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Because That’s Just What We Do

Filthy water cannot be washed.
– West African Proverb

If there is one thing this community can do is when it gets behind something, mountains move.
Look at the Heart Run and Walk, look at the Comets, and yes, look at the Boilermaker.
This community is a delightful paradox that is by far not the most affluent in means, but is truly rich in giving.
I saw it first hand when the Boilermaker and other organizations filled two trucks to send needed cleaning supplies and water to the hard hit downstate area after Superstorm Sandy.
Because that’s just what we do.
Well it looks like we’re back in the water transportation business.
The horrific water problems in Flint Michigan are well documented: a community of roughly 100,000 souls (mostly poor) find themselves with an unusable water system.
No water for bathing, no water for cooking, and clearly, no water for drinking.
Imagine that a city in our country has been reduced to living like they exist in a third world nation!
So today, January 29th,Bill Keeler on his radio show floats an idea for a truckload of water to go to Flint by way of Utica Michigan, (one of over a dozen cities named Utica in the U.S. and all named after us) where a radio affiliate is located.
And the flame was lit.
While Bill Keeler and Townsquare Media started the effort, the other media outlets quickly banded together for a common purpose (thank you media) to help others.
So how do you help?
A few ways..
On Saturday January 30th there will be a Mack truck (thank you Utica Mack) parked near the Utica Aud from 5:30 PM though the start of the first period of the Utica Comets game (thank you Comets).
Beginning Monday, February 1st that same truck will be positioned at Chanatry’s Market: Utica’s local market. Chanatry’s has cut the price for a case of water to $1.99 (thank you to Chanatry’s).
Finally, people can drop off water at Charlies Pizza at Whitesboro, Washington Mills and North Utica (thank you Charlie’s).
So let’s fill a truck and support some folks we don’t even know (and a huge thank you to each of you who help).
Because that’s just what we do.

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