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Goodbye 2015- Hello 2016!

I wish it was easy to compartmentalize our lives and say ‘hey it’s a new year we’ve just pressed the big reset button!’ We as a people have decided that the first day of the year is a time of new beginnings, of new opportunities where all things are possible.
No doubt it’s been said in a number of ways (and I’m sure far more eloquently) but sometimes we are running towards something, other times we are running away from something.
Sometimes it’s a combination of the two!
Certainly the tail end of 2015 was one of the more interesting periods of my life- without question I had my running shoes on trying to get away parts from it!
My son, who was very sick at the end of the year is getting better, but it made November/ early December pretty rough. Through the ordeal I was reminded about the scores of wonderful people that are a part of my life.
Then there was the sale of the company that was employed with for over 24 years (ECR International), named after my grandfather (Earle C. Reed). Certainly a bit of a bitter-sweet event: we moved here when I was the ripe age of two. The company had just lost $1,000,000 (in 1956 that was REALLY big money) and my Dad was sent to fix it- he did. The then Utica Radiator/ Utica Boilers was a big part of my life: it is a wonder that I survived when as a kid on Saturdays, while my Dad was working in the office, I would explore through the factory or practice my driving skills (or lack thereof) with a forklift!
In the end just incredibly happy the new owners are committed to the community AND the Boilermaker (hurray!). ECR plays such a big part in making the Start Line happen, this race literally and figuratively starts/started there!
But there are many, many things I am running towards:
Working on keeping the race ‘fresh’
I’m always thinking about some twist that even surprises the folks who have run the race for many years. We have 9.3 miles of canvas to work with as well as the Expo and Post Race Party to create ‘the runners experience’. This year is the 39th running of the Boilermaker- I’m already thinking about things for the 40th (a big year).
Fixing the stuff that isn’t working
For two years the Community Mile I so want us to have has never happened because of low registration numbers. It’s a great concept and mile runs like this are happening all over the country- I’ll figure this out.
The Boolermaker Kid’s Run had its lowest registration in its three year existence. I’m finding there now are more and more Halloween events happening the Saturday before Halloween- the bitter cold didn’t help either!
The Community Mile and the Boolermaker are my ‘kids’: I’d really like to see them succeed.
Making the joint a better place
Last time I checked we have one or two health issues to deal with in our community. Sometimes it feels to me that we have a ton of well-meaning people/ organizations but everyone’s sort of doing their own thing. How do we get these diverse groups together to affect positive change? If the primary function of the Boilermaker is to change people’s lives perhaps we are uniquely placed to act as a convener?
Well I hope you manage to achieve all your New Year’s resolutions be they losing weight, quitting smoking or perhaps running your first Boilermaker.
As they say ‘shoot for the stars and hit the Moon’!

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