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Good Running or Running for Good: or Both!

I suppose if I was to leave the Boilermaker tomorrow and someone was to ask me “Tim, what are you proudest of in your nine year affiliation with the race?”
I think (I hope) there are many things from a logistic and operations perspective that I’ve improved.
I’ve tried to create a stable sponsor base, acted as an advocate for the runners and ceaselessly extolled the joys of running a hilly course, in Utica, in the middle of July!
But I guess I would say the Charity Bib Program is, perhaps, near the top of the list of my proud moments.
The charity bib program is a simply wonderful melding of the excitement of the race with the mission of the Boilermaker-championing health and wellness in our region.
In three years we have raised nearly $400,000.
Sort of a cool ‘twofur’!
We have seen folks of all ages and abilities lacing up running for two great causes: a needy local not for profit and for their own health.
Their stories have run the gamit from those that work for the agency, those who have received services to those who simply want to ‘do the right thing’.
This year we sigificantly cut back on the amount of Charity Bib agencies from 21 to 10. Certainly not because of less need (I wish) but simply the ability to logistically handle the process.
Want to be a part of a very select group?
Check out the Charity Bib site located on the boilermaker.com landing page. Look over the various projects that folks will accomplish with your funds. No doubt, they are a pretty diverse group.
Find a charity that inspires you and reach out to them (the agencies have the signup codes).
Should you want to signup opening day of registration for Charity Bib is Monday, March 7th at 9:00 AM (EST).
I fully expect that these bibs will go pretty quickly.
Boilermaker Charity Bibs will be good for the 15k/ 5k races and 3 mile Walk.
From then, until when the charity money is due (July 1st), you have 17 weeks to raise the minimum (for most agencies it’s $500).
For those that join the $1,000 club we will have a pretty cool Charity Bib Finale a few weeks after the Boilermaker.
So think about this long and hard about if you are ‘committed to the commitment’.
Should the answer in your heart be yes, know that you are running for all the right reasons.
Thank you!

“If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”
Bob Hope

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