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A Wonderful Winter Walk- in April!

It seems like every day has something that is honored; for example this week on April 4th is marked as: National Ferret Day, National Peanut Butter& Jelly Day and National Love Our Children Day (does that mean we don’t have to the other 364 days?).
And April 6th was National Walking Day!
While National Walking Day is an initiative of the American Heart Association the Boilermaker is a major sponsor as, it clearly aligns with the Boilermaker’s core mission of a healthy lifestyle.
Well Mother Nature clearly played a late April’s Fool joke on us with the return on winter weather. I use the term return loosely as for the most part this was ‘the winter that wasn’t’.
We stepped off in the shadow of the Boilermaker finish line: where the run ends, the walk begins!
We were the few, the proud, the cold!
The good news was the snow that impolitely visited the area on Sunday had at least melted on the sidewalks and the bitter wind temporarily subsided.
One of the nice benefits of the arterial project has been a series of walking paths that have been developed and we utilized the new pedestrian bridge that has literally saved lives of folks who have tried (unsuccessfully) walking across the arterial.
A series of Boilermaker flags marked the way for our intrepid walkers.
In spite of the less ideal weather I love the idea of anything we can do to promote walking: it only requires comfortable shoes and time.
I would love to make Utica the largest walk during National walking Day, hmmm……..
Well now that the walk is done I have to pet my Ferret, hug my kids and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

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