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So What Are You Waiting For?

As I sit in front of my computer monitor this dreary Tuesday April 26th I see we have nearly 550 runners on the Boilermaker waitlist for either the 15k or 5k races. While I’m sure some of those waiting will eventually get in, there will be hundreds who will sadly not get a bib.
Here’s what is sadder, I press the charity bib button on boilermaker.com (run for a reason) and see we still have 26 charity bibs waiting for an owner!
This is our fourth year of offering charity bibs to local not for profits- in those three previous years we have raised over $400,000.
The needs within our communities that our charity bib partners tackle are certainly diverse: from the homeless vet to the hungry family from the elderly to education- we’ve supported them all!
While $500 is a lot of money (the minimum for most of the charity bib partners) it’s not insurmountable.
You have until July 1st to get the money raised, that’s two months! And you will have the agency you are running for helping you while you are helping them.
I’ve seen some of the most creative ways to raise the money (and all of them very legal, thank you).
One thing is for sure- you’ll find out who your friends are!
So I’m hoping that we have a ‘match.com moment’, where a charity touches the heart of a wanna-be a Boilermaker runner (better yet, 26 matches)!
No doubt, the new registration system, which has made things easier for folks to sign up, has hurt charity bib demand.
I wish I could make the problems our not for profit community deals with to go away as easily.
So think about being ‘the knight in shining armor’ for someone in need.
While you might not run your best Boilermaker, I’m convinced you will run your most memorable one!

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