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It’s going to get a bit bumpy- but that’s OK!

So the race is less than two months away: the crazy train is beginning to leave the station.
Like the flock of crows (also known as a murder of crows) that fly into the city in the winter, so too are the responses to emails I sent weeks/ months ago.
Funny formula-my ‘popularity’ proportionally increases as the days till the race decrease.
Then there are: Charity Bib challenges, sponsor logo changes, building improvements and repairs, operational race planning, expo preparation, on and on.
And finally there are those “interesting” runner’s questions.
I know they (whoever the heck ‘they’ are) say there is no such thing as a dumb question, but I sometimes wonder…
And, as they say in your favorite infomercial, “but there’s more!”
In two weeks, June 7th, the West Utica Public Market opens behind our building (Tuesdays from 3:30-6:30 PM). A nice mix of vendors offering nutritious food to an area clearly in need. Very excited about what I call ‘the journey’, a series of information sessions focused on health and financial wellness that will take place during market hours.
Met with the neighborhood young people who will be running the smoothie bike business (a stationary bike equipped with a blender) at the Public Market. A simply terrific opportunity for them to learn about the world of work before they have to take off their ‘training wheels’ (pun totally intended) and enter ‘the real world’.
The community/ education garden located on our property is proceeding nicely, think we will be planting after Memorial Day. A wonderful collaboration with the NY State Department of Health and Cornell Cooperative Extension.
And all of these things have begun to build a real sense of community and a bit of pride in our neck of the woods. I’ve seen it slowly growing at meetings held throughout West Utica.
So I guess there is something special about putting your head in the old vice and tightening it with your own hands!
While much of this is stuff we don’t necessarily need to do, it is in fact stuff we need to do!
Firmly strapping on the seat belt!

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