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Of Scholarships and Scrambled Eggs

There are times where I can get a bit down dealing with the Boilermaker, perhaps it’s folks that don’t get along, perhaps things that didn’t go as planned, perhaps something I messed up (most likely)!
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…
One thing that never, ever gets me down is the annual Boilermaker Scholarship Breakfast that took place at our offices this morning. It sort of acts as the unofficial kick off of events that take place leading up to ‘the great race’.
This event, which has taken place since 2005,reminds me there are really wonderful young people in this community and the future of distance running will be in very, very good hands.
The award winners are nominated by the runners coaches (no parenteral nominations thanks!). It’s very interesting to see the school districts the kid’s come from. It becomes pretty clear the coaches that are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for their kids and the ones who must ‘check out’ at the end of practice.
Awards are in two categories: Outstanding Achievement in Distance Running and Outstanding Commitment to Distance Running. Outstanding Achievement is easiest one to understand, these are the folks that pretty consistently were the ones breaking that first place finishers tape. The Outstanding Commitment are those runners who might not have always been the top dog, but gave every bit of themselves to be the best they could be.
I always get a chance to speak to the kids to pass along some ‘pearls of wisdom’- my focus this year was around the word thanks.
Thanks to the young men and women who chose running as their sport of choice. Running is both an elegant and brutal sport.
Elegant in its simplicity, a course, a timing watch and you. Run faster that all the others you win: you don’t, well, then you don’t.
No excuses about broken plays, tipped pucks and bobbled passes- it’s just you.
Now the brutality.
To be a great runner is to be one who puts in the miles in spite of the weather.
At pre-dawn to swing out of bed and lace up those running shoes while you mind is screaming at you “No, no: back in bed, more sleep!”
Running as your face is being pelted by icy snow crystals as you feel a frigid claw of oxygen rasping down your throat with each inhale. All the while watching for slick patches of ice and potholes waiting to twist your ankles or remind you of the awesome powers of gravity.
To “keep on, keeping on” when your body is saying “that’s quite enough of this- let’s stop: let’s stop now!”
And the next day you come back for more…
Thank you to the parents who have been there through thick and thin.
While running certainly is ‘the solitary sport’ parents are there in sprit invisibly urging their child.
To be there in times of triumph and defeat and to remind their son or daughter there are positive lessons to be learned from both experiences.
And thank you to the coaches.
I fear you will never get rich on the small stipend, but your time and guidance is priceless to those you have on your team.
Thank you for inspiring them
Thank you for (hopefully) reminding them that even though it may be a race they are, in the end, racing against themselves.
So while I know we’re called ‘the human race’ for the sake of this blog I feel like calling it ‘the humanity race’ because I feel like I saw a bit of the purity of humanity on display today.
Run hard and strong as you embark on this next phase of your life!

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