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Tick tock

“Time waits for no one, no favours has he
Time waits for no one, and he won’t wait for me
Hours are like diamonds, don’t let them waste”
The Rolling Stones “Time Waits For No One”

Well the 2016 Boilermaker is over.
Well technically it’s not over, we still have a few things to do like the Youth Olympics, Expo, Kid’s Run, the 3 mile walk, and the 5k and 15k races.
However, what is, in essence, done are the massive logistical efforts to make these events happen.
Racing bibs are printing, finisher’s pins/ glasses are in storage and banners have been delivered. Food, water and beverages are on their way. Tents, portajohns and refrigerated trucks have been rented. The Boilermaker Program Book has been printed, the race course bands/ dj’s have been booked and the volunteer tee shirts and credentials have been handed out.
Then there are the meetings, countless meetings.
We’ve got staff meetings, operational director’s meetings, medical meetings, security meetings, traffic meetings, sponsor meetings, charity bib meetings, start line meetings, finish line meetings, communications meetings, transportation meetings, media meetings and meetings about why we’re having so many darn many meetings (I made that up).
It is staggering as I sit and contemplate the amount of hours spent to support a few days in July!
But I guess that’s what makes the Boilermaker special: we certainly try to ‘sweat the details’.
At the final Boilermaker Committee Meeting, held this week, my ‘words of wisdom’ were “Hey, the racers are coming irrespective if you are prepared or not. The race is now a couple of weeks away: if you haven’t taken care of what you need to, it’s probably too late.”
Not being fatalist, just factual.
You don’t invite nearly 20,000 folks to your ‘house’ and sort of wing it!
Am I nervous- you bet: I thankfully forget this feeling most of the year.
Am I confident- you bet: we have a simply tremendous volunteer base- for most this is not their first Boilermaker rodeo!
So I guess the big question to all our participants isn’t are we ready, but with a bit more than two weeks to go, are you?

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