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Boilermaker 39 Has Left The Building

Boilermaker 2016 was over three weeks ago but in some ways it feels like it was three months ago. The buildup to the race, punctuated by Boilermaker Weekend, is being hit by a three-day cacophony of sign and sound, hitting its crescendo on Boilermaker Sunday, then followed by an eerie silence.
Well slowly but surely I’m getting back in phase giving me some time to reflect on what the heck happened, or didn’t happen, that second weekend in July.
I jokingly called Boilermaker 39 ‘the uneventful event’ at the day after press conference. This was not to diminish the hard work of the participants who took on the course, but in light of recent domestic incidents, that nothing bad happened.
I believe that in the world of mass gatherings there was BB and AB- Before Boston and After Boston meaning Boston Marathon. After April 13, 2013 race directors, have been forced forced to deal with issues far, far different than heat and humidity. Indeed, everyone hosting events hosting large number of folks now have added planning tasks.
To add to the situation was a series of high profile shootings taking place throughout the country.
Certainly the Boilermaker is challenged in having a big city event in a relatively smaller community.
Saying that, the combined resources that are brought to bear from a Federal, State and local level are indeed Impressive.
There is much that the general public sees, and much they don’t: and that is the way it should be.
It is a fine line we walk offering a venue that is as secure as humanly possible without sucking the fun out of the atmosphere- I think we nailed it!
It was not lost on me that a simple photo of two Utica Police officers taken at the Expo posted on the Boilermaker Facebook page, thanking them for their service, garnered over 2,000 likes, 151 shares and 51 (all positive) comments.
On a different note this was one of the safest in Boilermaker history from a medical perspective.
I assume the cooler temperatures and I pray folks who had trained properly equated to a quiet medical tent.
Perhaps the biggest controversy was did it rain on Boilermaker Sunday- an occurrence that has not happened in the previous 38 races.
Does a gentle mist quality as rain?
I suppose that’s a battle to be fought amongst meteorologists!
And, as crazy as it sounds, plans are already underway for Boilermaker 2017- the big 4-0!
It is going to be one cool (don’t hold me to the race day temperature) event.

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