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So Here It Is, Boilermaker 39

This will be my last blog prior to the running of this year’s Boilermaker.
A few phrases to live by this weekend:
Be Patient- Our community will be inundated with humanity this weekend! There will be lines of traffic, lines of folks in the grocery lines for Boilermaker parties, lines of people picking up racing bibs etc. etc. . The addition of all these people acts as a major injection of revenue to many of our local businesses. How cool to for us to be ‘big city’ at least for a weekend.
Be Helpful- All of us become ambassadors of our community: we have people literally arriving from around the planet coming to ‘our house’. You can set the tone of a visitors experience by your helpfulness or the lack thereof. We are offered a unique opportunity to spread the word throughout the country about of our community: let’s make it a good word. BTW runners- say thank you, to some of the people giving up their time so you have a good time!
Be Safe- Runners, you have (hopefully) trained diligently for Sunday: run the pace you are capable of- listen to your body. As your mom might have said- don’t be dumb! To our volunteers just be careful: we want to return you home to your families safe and sound.
Have Fun- While the race is the centerpiece of the Boilermaker, there is much, much more! The Kid’s Run, 3 Mile Walk, Expo, and the Volunteer Party. Everything we do has to have an element of fun. Likewise, everyone involved needs to have fun be it the participants or volunteers.
So that’s it, say hi if you see me at the Expo.
If not, will catch up with you on the other side of the weekend.
Peace out.

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