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Faithful to Flint

There are places where you mention their name and thoughts and images immediately pop up.
Say New York City-maybe it’s the Empire State Building, the Yankees or Central Park?
San Francisco- perhaps it’s the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars or Chinatown?
Woodstock- hey man, it’s all about the music!
So when you hear Flint Michigan what is the first thing you think of?
Unfortunately, it’s probably lead, as in lead poisoning due to a disastrous (manmade) calamity with their water system.
No doubt Flint is one of those classic rust belt cities when the flight of high paying manufacturing jobs left behind a needy community. When the jobs left most of those with means departed as well.
Flint is currently the second most poverty-stricken city for its size in America (a population of 104,000).
Then to add insult to injury the water crisis hit.
So now we have those with the least amount of means punished with bad water- it’s beyond unfair.
When the crisis first broke, in January of this year, Utica was among the first municipalities in America to ship bottled water to Flint- 143,000 bottles filling three tractor trailers! “Boilermaker Nation” was a large contributor to that effort.
But, in spite of the really tough times Flint has/ is enduring, they do have the Crim Fitness Foundation.
The Crim and the Boilermaker are alike in more than both putting on road race events. We are similar in bringing a sense of pride to our respective communities and acting as advocates for health & wellness regardless of one’s social/ economic status.
My friendship with the folks at the Crim far predate the current water crisis. We have often talked about how two agencies that are so similar in vision could in some way partner and make communities better.
So I think I figured something out…
One thing the city of Flint has been concerned about is that they will be forgotten.
Let’s face it, the media often moves from disaster to disaster leaving the folks in the same sad predicament after the cameras stopped rolling.
So on Saturday August 27th the 40th running of the Crim Festival of Races will take place- the Boilermaker will be there.
Roughly 20 of us will be taking a ‘short’ 8 hour bus trip this Friday to support our Flint brothers and sisters: some of us will run, some will walk and a couple will be there to cheer (that’s very important too!).
I plan on chronicling our journey and our experiences to share with you.
It’s going to be great!
“Charity begins at home, but does not end there.”
Thomas Fuller

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