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Comin’ back from the Crim

“The wheels on the bus go round and round..”
Well the Boilermaker Bus made it back safely from Flint: and what a trip it was.
The decision not to use the Canadian route out to Michigan added time, a great deal of time! Besides the added mileage, we managed to hit significant rush hour traffic.
We left at 8:00 AM and just managed to hit the Expo which closed at 8:00 PM.
At our dorm rooms every faucet had a very large filter mounted on them, a clear reminder of the on-going lead crisis.
It is certainly interesting to get a chance to participate in someone else’s event: if you don’t learn something you simply weren’t paying attention.
Things I liked a lot:
A wide open start line that was 5 car lanes long, the ‘old school’ red brick road!
Start line and finish line were literally about a block apart (no the race wasn’t just a block long!). This made the use of shared assets so much easier than what we deal with having miles of separation.
A very flat course, no steep inclines Boilermaker runners encounter on the golf course and the Burrstone Bridge.
They get nearly 2,000 to run an event called ‘The Michigan Mile’ that takes place the night before the main races. So jealous, I’ve always envisioned a community mile run through Proctor Park during Boilermaker Week- just has never gotten the traction!
There is a 5k, 8k and 10 mile that all take off from the same start, just different routes and start times. Some folks ran the 10 miler and then ran the 5k, a bit more than a half marathon.
As for myself, the 5k was just fine thank you. I passed a few, was passed by many- good news was those that passed me were all MUCH younger than me!
Nice touch, giving out a wet cloth after you cross the finish line.
We set up a small tent at the Post Race Party and shared with the “Michiganders some Utica staples- riggies, greens, tomato pie and, of course, F.X. Matt products”.
We assumed coming back to Utica should be sooo much easier with no rush hour traffic.
Nice thought: instead of cars we encountered massive rain storms that, again, added a couple of extra hours to the trip.
In spite of the long trip the overwhelming sentiment of “the Crimsters” was this should become an annual event.
What’s also nice when you go to another race is you are reminded about how special the Boilermaker is!
From spectator support, exceptional volunteers, course entertainment, water stations galore and a pretty cool Post Race Party: our race really does excel!
So the 40th Crim is over and in 2017 the 40th Boilermaker begins.

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