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Sharing the Car

There comes a time when you need to relent the steering wheel to others- at least on occasion.

And so goes Tim’s Blog as it morphs into the Boilermaker Blog.

There are a number of reasons.

If you commit to blog writing it’s mandatory you commit to frequent posts: at best my input has been ‘lumpy’: spats of articles followed by long stretches of silence.

Often I would begin writing only to catch myself thinking: “Does anyone, besides me, actually care about this?” Often off to the electronic trashcan it would go.

Contrary to popular belief I am not the wellspring of all good ideas and profound insights (that is a joke: ask my family and friends).

I am not the Boilermaker and the Boilermaker is not me. Obviously in my role as president I act as a spokesman for the organization, but there should be many voices because the Boilermaker truly is a community effort.

The perspective of many views, like peering a mosaic from different angles, is essential because only then do you truly grasp what the artist is trying to say.

You will encounter writers that will make you laugh, make you cry, perhaps enlighten and hopefully inspire.

So dim the lights on Tim’s Blog and bring up the stage lights on the Boilermaker Blog.

It’s gonna be great!

First up- Jordan Peters, Boilermaker Marketing and Sponsorship Specialist.

Jordan is around my kid’s ages so I’ll offer fatherly advice-“Drive carefully”!

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