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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

So here we are in January of 2017, I must say I’m pretty proud of myself: wrote no checks with January 2016 (although my sons laugh at me that I still write checks- unless it’s to them).
This is a big anniversary year for the Boilermaker- our 40th running!
These are times when you remember your roots and celebrate the folks that made it happen. These are the times when you look back at where we have come from, things we no longer do and things that we (hopefully) do better and think about things we should (or shouldn’t) do.
Old stuff that comes quickly to mind- The Expo at Riverside Mall, the Utica National Kid’s Run taking place Boilermaker Sunday running the last mile of the course (before we had the 5k),a Post Race Party that easily fit into the courtyard of the brewery and when the 15k started at 10:30 in the morning (ugh).
I’m sure many of you have your own special Boilermaker memories that you either cherish or wish to forget.
And for me, this will be my tenth Boilermaker race as president of the organization-wow.
In my relatively short tenure we have seen a building move, the death of the paper registration, the meteoric rise of social media, enhanced security and our first, tentative steps involving community outreach.
Yet with all these changes throughout the years we have followed our ‘North Star’ of fitness, fun and community enrichment.
The Boilermaker, in my mind, is more than a race: it’s a force.
It’s a force that drives participants to achieve a bit more than they could.
It’s a force that brings athletes and volunteers together for a common purpose regardless of color, creed, age, gender or political affiliation.
And it’s a force that brings all of us a tremendous amount of pride in our home (and sometimes we really need that).
So this year, stands as an opportunity to both celebrate our rich history and to contemplate our future.
Hey, the big 5-0 is only 10 years away!

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