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Try Skating Barefoot

I was walking through the garage and my eyes wandered to a large plastic can: protruding from it were a couple of metal bats and a defenseman’s lacrosse stick.
I’ve walked by this container hundreds of times on the way to the car and ignored it: not today.
As I rummaged through the can, baseball gloves, soccer shin guards, basketballs revealed themselves. It was a trip down memory lane as I remembered countless hours at baseball fields, hardwood courts and outdoor fields.
Then I remembered in the cellar were pairs of soccer cleats and skates whose life was cut short by one of my three kids growing feet.
I thought to myself “what a waste: this equipment is still in great shape and their owners have long since left home. This stuff needs new owners!”
And from that, the Skates and Sneaks Equipment Drive was born.
It felt like a natural partnership to do with the Utica Comets as we are two of the biggest sporting events that occur in our community.
It was a short conversation with the Comet’s folks- absolutely yes!
So at the March 3rd-5th Comets home games our friends from EJA Moving will have a truck stationed across from the Auditorium Drive entrance to pick up sporting goods equipment. We will be collecting for an hour and a half prior to puck drop: Friday and Saturday from 5:30-7:00 pm, Sunday 1:30-3:00 pm.
Approximately two weeks later, we will be distributing the collected gear to organizations that serve our local youth.
Here’s one thing we ask, PLEASE do not bring equipment that clearly has outlived its life: key words-gently used! We don’t want stuff that probably more properly should be carted off to a landfill.
The Boilermaker and the Comets understand the importance of physical activity.
Sports does more than build a healthy body- it nurtures discipline, instills teamwork and promotes goal setting- sort of nice life skills.
And if you are a believer that ‘idle hands are the devil’s play shop’ (and I am) then sports are clearly a better path for our young people than other activities.
You will in all likelihood never know the child whom you have opened the door to, perhaps for the first time, participate in a sport.
But that my friend is the true meaning of giving.

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