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A bit about Boston

The past Easter weekend I found myself in Boston as my boys, who work in Beantown, had work on Saturday meaning no trip to Utica for Mom’s fare.
While dreading the drive to Boston, I was excited to be there for Marathon Weekend and check out their Expo.
So let me throw this out there- the Boston Marathon is simply THE iconic marathon on the plant.
First of all it’s the oldest (remember respect your elders) this year was the 121st running.
Boston isn’t the world’s biggest, that title goes to New York with over 50,000 finishers. Boston checks in at number 6 with 32,000 finishing.
However, what makes Boston unique is that you need to hit a qualifying time in a different marathon to have a chance of getting selected. Most other races utilize some sort of variant on the lottery system. While not the hardest course, Boston is one of the hardest to get in.
Because Boston is relatively small big city (655,000 call greater Boston home) when the race comes to town the streets are awash in Boston Marathon blue. In cities like New York and Chicago, it gets a little lost.
Finally, I think no city so embraces their marathon as Boston does. And no doubt incredibly intensified as a result of the 2013 bombings.
Certainly even more poignant as “Marathon Monday” is run on Patriot’s Day” which commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord the first skirmishes of the Revolutionary War.
Well the Expo was spectacular: large vendor ‘islands’ that represent the who’s who of running gear and accessories. The cash registers certainly were humming
And the Tesla car on display was pretty cool.
I headed home Sunday so didn’t have the opportunity to catch the splendor of Marathon Monday.
Wish I had been there to see the current Boilermaker female record holder, Edna Kiplagat, win this year. Edna is $150,000 richer and, running a 2 hour 21 minute marathon she earned $1,063 a minute.
Or see the strong American performances- 8 on the male side and 7 on the female side who were in the top 15. USA, USA!
Or seeing local folks like Hermin Garic (came in 24th in Wheelchair Division) – a true Sitrin Star!
Or Katie McCauley, who shaved 40 minutes off her previous time helped, no doubt, by extra dry protective socks for her prosthetic legs (last year they got soaked and she had to wait 25 minutes for dry ones in the med tent). You are my hero!
To get a chance to run the Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of a runner’s dream.
Months and months of grueling training get to the start line of that 26.2 mile journey.
To all those crossed the finish line- wear your finisher’s medal proudly!

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