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Rain, rain go away (and the cold as well)!

“Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”
Charles Dudley Warner although attributed to Mark Twain

Weather-wise, this has certainly been one interesting springs we have had.
Endless days of rain and cold/ clammy temperatures- it feels like Utica has been relocated to Washington State.
I’m thinking of suggesting to the Governor to change the official flower of New York State from the Rose to the Mushroom!
As I write this the Boilermaker is a bit more than a month away.
While I have seen an uptick in runners on the streets it feels like it’s a bit less than what I’ve traditionally seen at this time of year.
My assumption is that July 9th will be a tad warmer than the cool temperatures we have been experiencing.
Here’s where I’m concerned, runners who have trained and trained in weather that is similar in temperature to ‘game day’ conditions tend to do better than those who didn’t (Tim- thanks for that flash of brilliance!).
So what to do, because we can’t click our heels three times and make the clouds disappear.
– Put in more miles, the cool temperatures you have now, and likely wouldn’t have Boilermaker Sunday- in fact these are pretty nice temps from a running perspective! What you can’t get from heat and humidity make up with mileage and hills.
– Train indoors, while I personally find elliptical training a poor substitute for outdoor running, the weather is certainly a bit more consistent in a place that has a roof.
And some just general advice with one month out, regardless of the weather.
At this time of year there are numerous races of various distances and difficulties- run a few.
This is very important for folks (and I know there are more than a few of you) who have never run in a formal race before.
Understanding the ‘rules of the road’ for races acts as a great dress rehearsal for Boilermaker Sunday (race bib pinned on the front please).
Develop those healthy habits centered around training, nutrition and rest; they will serve you well a month from now.
Hey, it’s more fun to experience Boilermaker Sunday rocking at the Post Race Party than rolling into the medical tent!
Holy smokes, I just saw a glimpse of blue sky; gotta grab my running shoes!

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