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10 Amazing Years

So I guess I dropped a bit of a bomb when I announced the day after this year’s Boilermaker Road Race that it had been my last one.
Well, I’ve always had a bit of a flair for the dramatic…
It has been a ride with many spectacular highs and a few, very few, lows.
While it certainly is a nice ego booster that some folks feel that my departure from the Boilermaker will be a big-time loss for the organization- nonsense!
This thing we call the Boilermaker stands much, much, larger than a single individual and quite simply if this enterprise lives and dies because of one guy than it’s in real trouble!
Frankly, change is good and it’s good to leave on a high note.
What will not change is that Boilermaker spirit that makes that second Sunday in July special and instills a belief that all things are possible.
And, hopefully, I’ve sprinkled a bit of that ‘Boilermaker magic dust’ on the other 364 days of the year.
I’ve been blessed with a good staff, a legion of loyal volunteers, fantastic sponsors and a community that has embraced the Boilermaker like a child of their own.
Put that all together and you can’t help but look smart!
But it’s time for me to trek on to that new thing that has yet to reveal itself to me.
Retirement is not in my immediate future!
Yet as I look forward I can’t help but peek over my shoulder one more time to remember.
To walk out on the stage at the Post Race Party to face a crowd of tens of thousands of happy folks, you gave a taste of what a rock star must feel like.
To be a ‘happiness vampire’ feeding off the excitement and joy of our participants be they a nine to ninety year old.
To have been given a chance to lead the Boilermaker these past 10 years-what an extraordinary gift!
Thank you.

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