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Mark Donovan 4-8-16 3

On Tuesday, May 29th of this year, I walked into the Boilermaker HQ near the Finish Line here in Utica, NY to officially begin my new role as President of the Boilermaker organization. In the ensuing 10+ days, it has been a whirlwind of action as the calendar quickly turns toward “race day” which is only a scant 25 days away.

Taking a quick moment to reflect, I am obviously thankful for the support from the host of well wishers who have reached out to me. However, what has struck me the most is the passion I have witnessed and felt from everyone in and around the Boilermaker.

From the Boilermaker staff and volunteers who are in high gear making sure that all of the plans are in place for Boilermaker Weekend, to the perennial runner who took the time to come in and speak with me at length about his experiences and dedication to training new runners. Or the woman from Boston who, as a recent newlywed, asked her friends to consider donating to the Boilermaker as a wedding gift and stopped by to deliver those funds herself. I am very quickly getting my schooling on the magnitude of the passion that people bring to their unique Boilermaker experiences.

There is a saying that “you cannot teach passion“. As I shepherd the Boilermaker organization over the next phase of its journey, I am driven by the energy, generosity of spirit and the passion that our supporters have and selflessly share.

I look forward to seeing you at the Finish Line!

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