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Volunteers: The Boilermaker’s Beating Heart

Cindy Dardano – Volunteer Coordinator

It has been nearly two moths since Boilermaker Sunday and already the staff is busy making plans for the 2019 race. At the moment I am sorting out left over volunteer t-shirts and streamlining what feels like endless volunteer lists. The quiet and calmness is a little unnerving after months of hustle and bustle.

It was a great race made possible by the countless incredible volunteers who parked cars, directed traffic, passed out water, emptied hundreds of trash bags, sold merchandise, distributed race packets and goody bags, set-up start and finish lines, handed out pins and towels, massaged cramped muscles, tended to a injuries, lifted and delivered fencing and barriers, entertained thousands on the course, and kept runners and spectators safe, from start to finish. This is just a small list of what our community of volunteers does to ensure that the Boilermaker Road Race runs smoothly year after year.

water station1

Although volunteers receive a t-shirt, a volunteer pin and a volunteer party, “thank you’s” never get old. So from all of us at the entire Boilermaker Office, a huge Thank You for all you do. The runners may be the body of this race but volunteers are the heart and soul.

If you are interested in volunteering for the 2019 Boilermaker Road Race, check out our website in early March for volunteer opportunities.

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