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A New Currency for Giving Tuesday

We here at the Boilermaker are gifted a “Christmas in July”, if you will, each and every year. We wake up each day excited to see how the race is coming together; Boilermaker colors decorating the halls (and the roads, the restaurants, the hotels and more!), prepping meals, sending greetings to friends and making sure that the town is ready for the influx of “family” members coming to spend a long weekend with us.

If I were to wrap my hand around the most precious gift we get here at the race it would be the hours so many of our volunteers faithfully give to us. Those of us who are here building the race year round are still stunned every Boilermaker Sunday that “THIS” happened. It’s a magical feeling, really! And we know it’s our wonderful elves who make it happen.

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Today is Giving Tuesday. It brings to a close the fury of what started as Black Friday, tumbling into small business Saturday…. We know how it goes. The Boilermaker crew is blessed that we have an army of volunteers holding us up in July, but truth be told this is a community in need of holding year round.

As we grow our outreach, we have been privy to see other aspects of this town; the hurt, the struggles of our neighbors. On the flip side we get to see many wonderful organizations stepping up to meet the needs of our community.

Your dollar today will go far, but your time, which cannot be measured in money, will go so much further. Today I ask that you find it in your heart to connect with an organization that truly needs your hands, kindness, talent and TIME!

Time is a currency that has this really unique ROI (return on investment) as well. Fulfillment. Connection. Purpose. Compassion. So dig deep and find a few hours. Not sure where to go? Contact me. I will help connect you with an organization! Rebecca@boilermaker.com

Give the gift that gives back.

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