"Perfect day! Thanks to all the volunteers, and motivators. Also thank you to all you white bibbers who hung around the finish to cheer us slow pokes on. It really means a lot." - John Bidney

"Totally volunteered and loved every minute of it! Can't wait for next year! Maybe one day...I will run it. I lived vicariously through all of the runners today." - Jessica G.

"What an amazing, amazing race! 1st time ever--and I did it!!! Can't wait to recruit people for next year!" - Heidi Bearup

"I cried when I got my pin at the end... thank you City of Utica - GREAT GREAT GREAT....How will I run another race - and have NOBODY cheering for me??? And will there be flyovers at EVERY race I do??" - Kelly Reinhardt

"First Boilermaker, loved every minute of it!! Popsicles hit the spot, flyovers were AWESOME! Can't wait for next year!!" - Shannon McIntosh

"One of the greatest days of my life." - Kerrie Marshall

"I believe that with an event of this magnitude, we should thank all the committee coordinators, race directors and all the volunteers for all their hard work. They all live and breathe this event for months....let's be proud of one the best events Utica has!!!!" - Angela Ramp

"Once again, great show Utica. The 'Maker proves once again why it's worth making such a big effort to get back here every year." - Aaron Todd

"Loved the race; already planning to bring in more family members and friends to run next year!" - Erin Curtis DeGroff

"Thanks you to all who pulled off another first rate Boilermaker. The weather sure cooperated making it one of the best I have ever run. Already looking forward to next year and my 9th consecutive Boilermaker." - Melissa Williams

"The Boilermaker is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Everyone involved in creating this event are people that I completely admire…this was my 2nd year and I didn't think it could get any better then my 1st…but it did…WOW!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU TO ALL!!!!!!!" - Jennifer Clarey

"Love this race! I am a former Utican now living in Houston. Came back home for this event. The city completely buzzes over this event which makes it so exciting to be a part of." - Tony Castronovo

"Fantastic run and perfect weather made for a great day! It's always a blast and hope it never ends!" - Jan Kelley

"Drove around the race area and Faxton/Burrstone early Monday morning...not a bit of litter to be found. The Boilermaker Volunteers ROCK!" - Jennifer Farrar Scott

"It was great! The weather was ideal and the supporters we wonderful and I LOVED the surprise popsicles around the 8th mile! It was my running mate/friend's first time and she's hooked! We're so lucky to have this event here every year and thank God for Saranac." - Tami Cantarano

"I came from Alexandria, VA to run the race and it was the best organized, most fun race I've ever done. A special thanks to the kids handing out popsicles going up the hill near mile 4 (along the golf course). And special thanks to the belly dancers." - Bob Malloy

"This was my first Boilermaker and I couldn't have had a better time! The course was awesome (no crazy hills!) and so was the support from the community. I'm active duty Air Force and I drove up from Maryland to run. I'm very glad I did! Needless to say.... I'll be making the trip every year from now on!" - Andre Mercier

"Perfect day. Great weather. My thanks to everyone who volunteers their time to make this an awesome event. Also thanks to all the people of Utica for their support every inch of the way. You make this THE annual running event of CNY!!" - Terrence Doyle

"My 12 year old daughter ran the 15K by herself! I was so worried about her but she said EVERYONE was fantastic along the way. I am so grateful to all who looked out for her." - Melissa Chenel Zizzi