Top 10 Plus 1

Boilermaker Top 12

  1. Remember what your Mom said about a good nights sleep? Hit the sack early on Saturday; Sunday will be a very long day emotionally and physically. Look and feel your best; remember thousands of people are watching you!
  2. Runner's number. Don't even get us started about running without a number! Please wear your number on the front and make sure you have your emergency contact information filled out on the back of the running bib.
  3. While we understand the popularity of headphone usage by runners we strongly discourage their use: couple of reasons. 1) Safety: we have wheelchair athletes who can come roaring down hills- you really don't want to get run over. 2) We have bands and DJ's lining the entire 9.3 mile course- you know how bummed you'd be if you got up, early battled the traffic, commit to performing potentially for a couple of hours and runners weren't listening. If you really need to listen to that playlist you have to inspire you think about a 'one bud run'.
  4. There's a reason it's called a run; you're, sort of, supposed to run the course. The police cannot open the streets until everyone is off the course; ever dealt with an unhappy policeman? The finish line officially closes at 10:30 am. 
  5. Water, water, everywhere. Begin hydrating, that's a scientific word for drink lots of water, starting three or four days prior to the race. Tons, or is it gallons, of water will be available at the expo, start line, finish line and twenty water stations along the course. The more water you drink, the happier our medical crew will be. Speaking of medical, Aid stations are positioned all along the course. Look for a blue EMS star at each officially marked Aid Station.
  6. Get to the start line early. When 19,000 runners all want to get to the same places more than a little traffic problem can occur. The races will start exactly at 7:15 AM for the 5K and 8:00 AM for the 15K in spite of you looking for a place to park or one last visit to the port a john. Finding parking near the finish line pre-race can be a real challenge; get there 'wicked early' to snag a spot.
  7. This one walks hand in hand with number 6. Bus service between the finish line and start lines begins at 5:30 AM for the 5K and 6:00 AM for the 15K; CATCH THE BUSES EARLY. For the 5k catch the Birnie bus at the Con Med parking lot off French Road, busses stop running at 6:45 AM. For the 15K, board the Birnie buses either at the corner of Court and State Street or Whitesboro Street, near the rear of the Post-Race Party. For 15K runners the last bus leaving from the finish line will be at 7:00 am sharp! You don't want to be waving goodbye to your fellow runners as the bus drives away!
    Birnie Buses will take runners back to the starting areas of both the 5K and 15K after the race, the boarding point is Columbia Street behind the brewery parking lot.
    BTW thank all the Birnie Bus drivers and volunteers for taking care of you. They got up early too!
  8. When you cross the finish line, keep walking. If your legs or stomach aren't working well, please tell one of the nice volunteers about your situation; they'd love to help. There is a field hospital at the finish line; the docs are nice too.
  9. Information please. Should you have questions, we will have an Information Booth set up in Boilermaker Square near the Polish Community Center. Want to know about baggage, transportation or the atomic weight of Zinc? OK, we don't know about Zinc but if it's race related they're your people. If your planning on meeting someone, we have a family and friends reunion area, use it, you've got roughly 45,000 other people at the Post Race Party.
  10. In light of global tensions expect a heightened security presence during Boilermaker Weekend. Use good old fashioned common sense such as no backpacks or coolers. We provide a baggage truck for 15K runners: use a clear bag to store your gear.   
  11. The Post Race Party starts at 8:30 AM. Runners get free food and beverages until noon.
  12. Last, but far from least, we're happy that you are with us. We hope your experience from start line to post race is a great one. Mark your calendar for the second Sunday in July every year; we'll be there and so should you!