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Corporate Cup Competition

Jul. 30, 2010

UTICA, NY (July 30, 2010)- On Wednesday night the Boilermaker Road Race celebrated the participants of its annual Corporate Cup Competition with an award ceremony held at the Brewery. The Corporate Cup is a race within a race, with local companies forming teams to compete against other local companies as they run the Boilermaker 15K.

Eve Van de Wal, Regional President of Excellus, which is in its second year as the title sponsor of the event, said the competition was a perfect fit for her company. "Our company believes in living a healthy lifestyle," Van del Wal said. "This competition isn't necessarily about winning but about staying active."

Corporate Cup Coordinator Cosmo Castellano said he felt the competition had other benefits as well. "The Boilermaker has grown so much over the years," Castellano said. "The winners are often from the far corners of the world. This competition however, features local companies and puts a face on the people we all see around town. This is something exciting for companies to do throughout the year, and it helps promote health and team building within these companies."

Ed Coluccio was a member of the ECR team which placed first in the Male Medium category. "Five of us would run during lunch time for four or five miles," Coluccio said. "When it got closer to race day we would come into work early and run eight miles then shower and start work. The competition helped form a common ground between us, it created accountability. Even on the days when you don't feel like it, the obligation to your fellow employees forces you to put your sneakers on and run."