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Boilermaker Resolution Registration

What is it?

We want to celebrate 2020 and 43 years of the Boilermaker Road Race. So, beginning at midnight at January 1st, 2020, we are offering 2,020 15K entries for 20 hours and 20 minutes only…at last year's "Priority Access" price of $55. This special opportunity is open to anyone signing up for the 15K, regardless of prior participation.

What else do I get for registering on New Year's Day?

  • You will receive access to a FREE interactive Boilermaker training video. This video, which was created during last year's race, is shot in first person perspective and allows you to run the entire 15K course from your treadmill! Please note this product is currently only compatible with tablet devices. 
  • You will also have the opportunity to purchase a special edition NEON 2020 training shirt from Viewsport. This version of the training shirt is only available during the New Year's Day registration.
  • Not to mention, you get to start off 2020 on the right foot (or left) by signing up for the best and most challenging 15K road race in the country. Remember, it's supposed to be hard!

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Will this affect my Priority Runner status?

No, if you earned 2020 Priority Access by running or deferring in 2019, you will still have "Priority Access" and a guaranteed registration window in early March.

Can I register for the 5K on New Year's Day?

No, this special offer is only for the 15K.

What if I don't register on New Year's Day?

No worries, we won't let the race cap out. We are limiting the New Year's Day registration window to 20 hours and 20 minutes or the first 2,020 registrants. This means the race will not cap out on New Year's Day and you will have the ability to register again in March.

Have more questions about Boilermaker registration? Check out our full Registration Rules or FAQ section.