Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Boilermaker. It takes thousands of people and months of planning to pull off this great event. Without people like you and our current group of 4,000 volunteers, Boilermaker Week wouldn't be what it is today.

Our volunteers have a wide range of experience, interests, and time availability. We do know one thing for sure, our volunteers are the heart and soul of this race and their time and efforts are highly valued.

If you are interested in being a part of Boilermaker Week and contributing to our community's biggest and best event, we are now accepting applications for the 2016 Boilermaker Volunteer Force. The Boilermaker usually needs volunteers to help in the positions listed below. If you are interested in these positions or any other volunteer opportunities in 2016 please email cindy@boilermaker.com

Existing Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering again. Existing volunteers can register from March 1 thru April 18, 2016. If you are an Existing Volunteer, please click herethen scroll down and click on the committee that you have volunteered for in the past. Click on Sign in and follow the instructions.

Volunteer Opportunities


Looking for credentialed medical personnel to assist with different events.

Green Team

Green Team is being formed to help with recycling efforts for all Boilermaker events during Boilermaker Week. If you are interested, please enter Green Team under area of interest on the volunteer applications and indicate the day of the week that you are available.


If you have any volunteer experience parking cars or think you can help us with parking, we are forming a new volunteer committee to help us with this much needed function. Please enter Parking under area of interest on the volunteer application.

Massage Therapists

Looking for Massage Therapists to provide massages to the approx. 12,000 runners after the race at the Post Race Party.

New Volunteers

If you are a new Volunteer please email cindy@boilermaker.com to apply. New applications will be accepted until from March 16 to May 11, 2016. 

Volunteer of the Year

2015 - Lou Matrulli
2014 - Donna Frietas and Bob "Coach" Carlson
2013 - Gary and Lesia Roback
2012 - Mark Dembrow
2011 - David Lupinski
2010 - Dick Jordan
2009 - Dan Broedel and Dr. John DeTraglia
2008 - Scott Hughes
2007 - Jim Stasaitis
2006 - Sue Fraser
2005 - Linda Turner
2004 - James Wrobel
2003 - Frank D'Allesandro
2002 - Elaine Hage and Cindy Reed
2001 - Les and Pat Diven
2000 - Charlie Freer
1999 - Tom Heiland
1998 - Cosmo Castellano and Denise Williams
1997 - Dick Mattia, Dave Reichert, and Steve Rosecrants
1996 - Debbie Johncox
1995 - Robert McQueen
1994 - Meg Clifford
1993 - Don Fedor
1992 - Al Calogero
1991 - Linda Spellman
1990 - Jim LaFountain
1989 - Mary Lou Rosecrants