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Registration Rules

Registration Rules

NO REFUNDS, LIMITED DEFERRALS, LIMITED TRANSFERS AND LIMITED EVENT CHANGES. For more information on deferrals, transfers and dropdowns see the rules below.

2021 Registration Timeline & Information

  • 2021 Rollover Registration will take place between July 1st, 12 PM - July 8th, 12 PM. Exclusively for 2020 participants who requested a "one-time complimentary rollover" in 2020. Use code: 2020ROLLOVER at checkout 
  • 2021 Priority Access Registration will take place between July 9th, 12 PM - July 15th, 12 PM. Exclusively for those who participated in the 2020 virtual race or donated their registration fee. 
  • 2021 Open Registration will take begin at 12 PM on July 16th and will continue until the races have reached their caps. Open to all.  


  • Normal pre-COVID deferrals rules are now back in effect.
  • Deferred runners will have to pay full price next year.
  • Deferred runners will have to register next year.
  • Deferred runners will have a one-week window to register with a guaranteed spot and at tier 1 pricing. After that window, all deferrals are null and void, no exceptions.  

2021 Race Caps

  • In-person 15K = 12,000
  • In-person 5K = 4,000
  • Virtual 15K & 5K = uncapped

Wait List

  • Wait List will open once the races reaches their caps.
  • Runners have the option to be placed on the wait list if they are closed out of either the 15K or 5K race.
  • Runners will be notified via email if a spot opens up. (The Boilermaker is not responsible for any emails that go to your spam folder.)
  • After being notified, the runner will have 48 hours from the time the email was sent to register.
  • If the runner doesn't register within the allotted time, he or she will lose their chance and the next person on the list will be notified.
  • Wait List will close at 12 PM on September 27th, 2021.
  • Selection from the Wait List will start when and if a spot opens in the race.
  • Selection from the Wait List will end at 12 PM on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021.
  • Registration from the Wait List will close at 12 PM on Friday, October 1st, 2021.


(A registrant offers their registration to another user, and upon that user's paid registration, the original registrant receives a refund.)
  • The Transfer Process will open on August 2nd, 2021.
  • All transfer requests must be made online.
  • Transferee (new runner) will incur the cost of the registration fee and a transfer fee unless the transfer is gifted.


There are NO REFUNDS except for active military.