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Moody Blues Boilermaker Show

Mar. 11, 2010

March 11 , 2010 (Utica, NY) — It was announced that the legendary MOODY BLUES would provide the grand finale to the 2010 Boilermaker weekend with a concert at 7pm Sunday July 11 at The Stanley.

Tim Reed, Executive Director of the Boilermaker said, "The Boilermaker is excited to partner with the Stanley offer a closing event for Boilermaker Week. The Moody Blues, like the Boilermaker, represent the best in class in their respective categories. Both have created life-long memories, established a dedicated fan base and have a proven ability to expand and grow over the long run. Many in the music industry have run the 50 yard dash of fame and faded from view; the Moody Blues have the stamina to still run 9.3 miles."

As a special incentive to Boilermaker participants and volunteers a special pre-sale will take place Friday March 12th-Thursday, March 18th. This will give you first availability to tickets prior to general admission sales commencing Friday, March 19th. Click on the Moody Blues logo above.