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Boilermaker Park Gets a Facelift

Oct. 1, 2009

October 1, 2009 (Utica, NY) — Masons of the Laborers' Local 35 in Utica volunteered their time and effort on Saturday, September 26 to complete the Boilermaker Square at Butler Park.

Boilermaker Park, located beside the Polish Community Center and just beyond the F.X. Matt Brewing Co., features a small walkway made up of bricks with messages dedicated to lost loved ones.  The park is used as the family reunion area during the annual Post-Race Party after the 15k race.

The masons laid bricks to complete the remainder of the park's course which is designed in the shape of the actual Boilermaker 15k racecourse in Utica.  The professionals, using wet saws and various cutting equipment, aimed to finish the park's project which began more than 10 years ago.

"The event was definitely a success," said Carmen Nicotera, business manager at the Laborers' Local 35.  "Our guys came out early that morning and got a tremendous amount of work completed.  The park looks neat and fashionable."  Seven masons volunteered on Saturday to help beautify the roadrace's park.

Butler Park, where Boilermaker Square resides, is owned and operated by the City of Utica.  With help from Commissioner Dave Short, the area had been cleaned and prepped prior to the mason's efforts on Saturday. They will maintain the upkeep.

"This park is a reflection of the sprit of the Boilermaker," said Jim Wrobel, director of Boilermaker Park.  "It doesn't revolve solely around the race; it instead is an outward example of the generosity, care and volunteerism dedicated to the race all throughout the year.  We want runners, walkers, and fans to spend time in the park all year long and continue to commemorate bricks for their family and friends.  This is a dynamic park that will reflect the people that have contributed in the past and will be contributing in the future."

Wrobel said he would eventually like to have a gazebo or bandstand constructed on site along with flags of the nations who have participated in the race. He has also expressed interest in artwork being created by Sculpture Space artists for the newly renovated land.