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Boilermaker Offers Free Applications for Returning Military Runners

May. 27, 2009

May 27, 2009 (Utica, NY) — The Boilermaker Road Race is waiving the application fee for service men and women who participated in the Boilermaker races held in Baghdad, Iraq and Kabul, Afghanistan last year.  There were approximately 320 participants in the Iraq event and 60 who ran in Afghanistan.

Last year, Master Sergeant Jim Carrabba from Otsego County and Master Sergeant Jeff Conant from Mohawk did not want to miss their beloved Boilermaker.  Thus, they and a group of fellow soldiers in Baghdad planned, trained and ran in the first Boilermaker overseas.  Chief Warrant Officer Dan Clark received word of the event and organized a similar race in nearby Afghanistan. 

Boilermaker officials sent apparel and others goods to the designated locations to try and make the runners feel as close to home as possible.  Over 50 volunteers helped to coordinate and execute the event.   They even printed out race numbers, laminated them and stapled them on homemade camouflage bibs.  The runner's completed their race in 100 degree heat the same day as the Boilermaker, July 13.

Now, if they are back home, they will be rewarded for their efforts.  "I think this is just a small token of our thanks for their dedicated service to our country," said Tim Reed, executive director.  "Those events are something that the soldiers started totally on their own, so this application waiver is just a give-back we have for them.  Nothing would make me happier than for all our troops to return home safely."  There have already been 60 registrants for this year's race in Iraq.

Boilermaker officials have the list of those who participated in last year's races overseas.  To inquire about the free application, contact Mary MacEnroe, public relations director, at (315) 797-5838 or mmacenroe@boilermaker.com.