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Boilermaker Volunteers Cleaning Up the Course as Part of Go Green Initiative 2009

Apr. 24, 2009

April 24, 2009 (Utica, NY) — The Boilermaker Road Race announces that its volunteers will be cleaning up the race course area on Saturday, April 25, as part of the Genesis Group's massive clean up effort. The course clean up is just part of the Boilermaker's green initiative this year, according to Jim Stasaitis, Boilermaker race director.


"Greening" your race is something that received a lot of attention at the last Road Race Management meeting," Stasaitis said. "We've been taking steps in that direction for years, and kicked it up a couple of notches this year." According to Stasaitis, this year's green initiative began with a significant change to the annual race application mailing. "Since we have a wealth of information on our website for runners, the community, sponsors and volunteers, we are doing everything we can to direct our audience to boilermaker.com. People can register and learn about all of our events at boilermaker.com."

According to David Lupinski, director of recycling for the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority and the Boilermaker's waste disposal committee coordinator, the 2009 Go Green initiatives will focus on reducing the race's carbon footprint, increasing recycling and reducing the amount of trash produced. Specific efforts include:


  • The organization of a volunteer "Green Team" to work all Boilermaker Week events to direct the public, the runners and vendors to properly recycle and dispose of trash
  • providing recycling containers at all Boilermaker Week events
  • reducing the race's carbon footprint by:
    • using mass transit to transport runners
    • eliminating the pace car at the 3 mile walk
    • using electronic vehicles to collect waste at The Boilermaker Expo
  • composting the oranges provided to 15,000 runners at the post-race party
  • reusing signs, banners and cardboard registration boxes
  • donating all usable clothing found at the start line
  • requiring all Boilermaker Expo vendors to recycle waste
  • Using organic cotton materials for all sponsor shirts


In 2008, Boilermaker events generated 9.53 tons of solid waste and trash, .52 tons of recycled bottles and containers, and 2.62 tons of corrugated cardboard and paper, resulting in a recycling rate of 24.7 percent, according to Lupinski. "Our recycling rate has almost doubled since we started tracking it in 2005. We've made great progress," Lupinski said. "With the cooperation and environmental responsibility of our runners and participants, we can continue to do better. With the addition of the Green Team, the change in the application and the expansion of our recycling efforts, we'll continue to see our recycling rate increase."


Anyone interested in volunteering for the Boilermaker Green Team can go to boilermaker.com/volunteers, where they can fill out an application and write Green Team in area of interest field.