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Jefferson Schoolchildren Prepare Boilermaker Finisher's Pins

Jun. 23, 2010

UTICA, NY (June 23, 2010)- The Boilermaker is not just for runners. It is a celebration that the whole community can participate in and enjoy. The children of Jefferson Elementary School in North Utica exemplify this.

Over the course of the past month the school's kindergarten students have partnered with Jefferson's fifth grade classes to prepare the Boilermaker finisher's pins. Just seven days before summer vacation, students remain excited about their task. "It's fun," Tway, a Jefferson fifth grader said with a smile as she removed a pin from its plastic and combined it with its paper backing. "You can make a competition out of it with other students." To date Jefferson's students have prepared 18,000 finisher's pins, supporting both the 15K and 5K runs.

"These children are touching every runner in this year's race," Boilermaker Executive Director Tim Reed said. "Every Boilermaker finisher will receive a pin that these students helped put together. These could potentially be the future participants of the Boilermaker and it is great to get them involved and excited about the race."