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Hall of Famer Dick Beardsley Visits Hall

Aug. 26, 2010

UTICA, NY (August 26, 2010)- The Distance Running Hall of Fame had the privilege Wednesday of hosting a very special guest; 2010 Hall of Fame inductee Dick Beardsley. Beardsley took the time to answer questions on running and sign autographs for fans. "Having recently been inducted, it's really neat to get the chance to come and meet a few people," Beardsley said.

 The SUNY IT track and field team made a visit to the Hall where Beardsley shared tips on running as well as words of encouragement for their upcoming season. Beardsley also spoke on his thoughts regarding the current state of American men's long distance running. "There are not as many young men running at the level we were 25 to 30 years ago but its coming. Things will continue to build and get better. It is definitely making a resurgence."

 This was Beardsley's first trip to the Distance Running Hall of Fame. "I'm really impressed, the building is gorgeous," Beardsley said. "It is so much fun seeing these great men and women of the sport, many of whom I competed against. This is our sport's big thing and to be here and to be part of it is very exciting."