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15K Closes in on 3,200

Feb. 14, 2011


Utica N.Y. (February 14th 2011) In an effort to keep local runners aware of registration for the 2011 Boilermaker updated numbers will be forwarded to local media outlets weekly. These releases will occur every Monday until the registration caps have been reached.
This year a registration cap has been set for both the 15k and 5k races. The cap is set for 13,000 runners for the 15k and 4,000 for the 5k. The 3-Mile Walk which takes place Saturday, July 9th will not be capped.
To date, 3,181 have signed up for the 15k, while 324 are registered for the 5k. Last year at this time 946 runners were signed up for the 15k and 63 for the 5k. To date there are 937 new runners registered for the two races.
Registration verification will be available on line at boilermaker.com no later than Wednesday, February 16th.
The downloadable PDF for people wanting to sign up via paper is now available at boilermaker.com. Also, paper applications will be available during normal business hours at the Distance Running Hall of Fame offices located at 114 Genesee Street, Utica.
Due to recent credit card standards, credit card transactions cannot be accepted for registration by paper. In addition, a two dollar paper processing fee will be charged.
The 34th running of the Boilermaker will take place Sunday, July 10th 2011.