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Number Surge: Trends Emerge

Apr. 14, 2011


Utica N.Y (April 13th 2011) - Applications for the 34th running of the Boilermaker continue to pour in at an unprecedented rate. Boilermaker officials are confident the race will sell out well in advance of its traditional June 17th cutoff. Every event, the 15k and 5k runs and 3 mile walk are tracking far above last year's numbers at the same time.
As the 15k field has nearly reached the 60% mark some interesting trends are emerging.
First-time Boilermaker runners make up 30% of the 15k and 45% of the 5k Runs. This is the first time the Boilermaker has tracked this statistic.
Currently 52% of registrants are women which match U.S. statistics. Traditionally, the Boilermaker has had 52% of its applicants be men. 'It will be interesting to see if we end up with more women than men or if the men are the procrastinators; time will tell' said Tim Reed, Executive Director of the Boilermaker.   
The use of on-line registration has seen a dramatic growth over previous years running currently at 85% for the 15k and 83% for the 5k. A year ago, 70% utilized the on-line for the 15k while only 53% registered on-line.
'Clearly the power of the internet has manifest itself on distance running' said Mary McEnroe, Public Relations Director of the Boilermaker. 'Due to demand, many races have gone totally on-line; it wouldn't surprise me that the Boilermaker ends up there in the near future.'