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Company's Coming Cleanup

Jun. 17, 2011


Utica N.Y. (June 17, 2011) The Boilermaker Road Race is encouraging the community to join in a city-wide cleanup on Saturday, June 18th, from 8:00 until noon. "While we want to make a strong impact on the look of the city on Saturday we hope that everyone keeps the community looking good right through the race" said Tim Reed executive director of the Boilermaker. The event is sponsored by The Home Depot and Lowes.
There will be four rally points where volunteers can meet, they are:
East Utica-Dari-Del, corner of Bleecker St and Culver Ave
South Utica- Utica Fire Station, Shepherd Place
New Hartford/ Yorkville- Elks Club, Champlin Ave.
West Utica- Layla's Café, 607 Varick St.
Garbage bags and gloves will be provided. Any lawn tools and trimmers provided by volunteers would be gratefully appreciated.