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5K Race Reaches Cap

Jun. 20, 2011


June 20th, 2011(Utica N.Y.)-   The Boilermaker Road Race hit its 4,000 cap limit for the 5k Race. This represents the largest field in the race's history surpassing the previous record by over 1,000 runners.
"It's amazing to see the year over year growth of this race" said Kevin Copeland, race division director of the 5k. "From its humble beginnings the 5k has arrived as a major event."
This year the 5k will have a new starting time with the race beginning at 7:15 am.
The 15k Race reached its cap of 13,000 on May 14th.
In recognition of the growing interest in the 5k Race merchandise recognizing that event will be for sale at the Boilermaker Expo on July 8th and 9th.